• Climb and reach new heights!


    The volcano at Leo’s is a must-see for any adventurer! This fiery centerpiece of the play area is ready to be explored and conquered. Kids can test their strength and coordination as they scale the volcano’s slopes. We believe that climbing is not only fun, but it’s also an important and developmental activity. It improves children’s motor skills and helps them build strong muscles!

    Two Levels of Difficulty: Choose Your Adventure!

    The climbing wall offers two different difficulty levels, so whether your little one is a climbing newbie or a seasoned pro, they can choose the challenge that’s just right for them!

    Training Without Training

    On top of the volcano, you’ll find an amazing view of the whole playground! You can see all the way to the ball pit, Zebra slide, and Toddler World. Take the slide down, enjoy the thrilling and tickling feeling, and climb up again. We call it training without training.