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    Discover a world filled with educational games that transform math into fun gaming experiences!

    The game is created by experienced educators and award-winning game developers for children aged 5-12. The goal is for all children to experience the joy of learning. To make that possible, we create moments of learning through entertaining and educational games for tablets. We want the time your child spends on the screen, no matter how much or little, to be meaningful. That’s why, as a parent, you receive clear descriptions of what your child has learned in Zcooly. Your child may have learned to count up to 20, translate analog to digital clocks, or subtract fractions with different denominators. But the best part is that you’ll know it. Pretty meaningful, isn’t it? Plus, you get educational tips every week. It could be tips on an educational game, math related to everyday life, or some fun math facts. All to make it as easy as possible for you as a parent to help your child. Through stubborn sheep, farting hamsters, and muffin baking, we make knowledge fun.

    Play and learning go hand in hand

    Learning and having fun aren’t opposites. On the contrary, we believe that children must have fun to truly absorb knowledge. That’s why we focus on blending education and entertainment in a meaningful way, ensuring all children have a fair chance to succeed in school and experience the joy of learning.

    Math in focus

    Our teachers have got the curriculum, research, and pedagogy covered. We’re proud to offer you a really awesome product developed from both practical experience and the children’s perspective. The result is learning games that fit just as well in the classroom as at home and on the bus in between.

    Get a grip on screen time

    We want the time your child spends on screen, no matter how much or how little, to be meaningful. That’s why every other week, as a parent, you’ll receive an email with a clear and simple description of what your child has learned and what remains to be learned in each game.


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