• Four-year-old birthday party

    Birthday party for 4-Year-Olds

    Is your child turning four and you want to celebrate with a birthday party? We have the best party tips for 4-year-olds!

    Invite to a 4-year-old's party

    When a child turns four, many people take the leap and host their first birthday party. Before then, it’s common to only invite family, relatives, and family friends. It’s still popular to invite a few of the child’s best friends and family friends, but also other children from preschool – a few that the child plays with the most, or why not invite the whole preschool class?

    Invite to a 4-year-old's party

    At the beginning of preschool age, play is important, and this is especially true for birthday parties. At the age of four, children have better control of their movements – they become more confident in their movements and coordination, they can jump and challenge themselves with climbing. Four-year-olds love to move and rarely sit still! It is therefore extra important to offer large spaces where children can run, jump and climb. They love to play and explore, and it is important that they can do this in an environment where they feel safe enough to let loose and have fun. A clear trend for this age is that it is usually full speed ahead.

    Games for a 4-year-old's birthday party

    If you don’t fancy hosting a birthday party at home, Leo’s is the perfect place for a 4-year-old’s birthday bash. You can forget about shopping, planning, and cleaning, and the kids will love running around and having fun at the play center. At Leo’s, children can let loose and have an unforgettable experience together. At this age, kids need space to move around properly, for example to run, jump, climb, and dance. Leo’s offers various play areas and activities that are perfect for the youngest guests, aged four. Children can go down the slides together, jump on the trampoline, and explore Leo’s toddler area for children between 1 and 5 years old.

    Venue for the 5th Birthday Party

    With play, children develop their imagination. Popular themes for play and role-playing include playing princess or pirate, different themes like underwater worlds, space, or dancing to disco music. At Leo's we have themed rooms for all of this - everything to make life's first party perfect and the child's dream party!

    Check out our party rooms

    Catering for a 4-Year-Old Birthday Party

    The perfect birthday party food for four-year-olds is usually simple food that children of that age enjoy. If you book a party at Leo’s, we have ready-made party menus to choose from. In addition to ice cream for dessert, you can choose from hearty options such as pancakes, sausages with bread and hamburgers. This gives the children a little extra energy so that they can run and play in the play area. There are often a lot of sweets at birthday parties, so serving one of our hearty party menus is therefore usually popular.

    During a party at Leo’s, all the children gather in one of our themed party rooms – such as the ice princess or pirate room – to have a snack and celebrate together. It is also possible to customize the menus with different options to suit all four-year-olds as well as possible!

    The Role of a Parent at a 4-Year-Old's Birthday Party

    At around four years old, it’s almost always the case that a parent, friend, or relative accompanies the child to the party. At this age, children need the security of a loved one to take the step of daring to play and have fun with their friends, especially if it’s in a completely new place.

    If you’re having your party at Leo’s, parents are welcome to join in both the party room and the play area. Everything is designed to ensure that the child has the best and safest possible experience.

    Dream Birthdays at Leo's

    A birthday party at Leo’s is not just an action-packed experience, it’s a memory for life. During the party, the four-year-old gets to sit on a special birthday chair and wear Leo’s crown on their head. A party bag is included as a gift, and the child gets to go into Leo’s secret treasure chamber with their parent. The birthday child and the other four-year-olds may also, depending on the day, get to meet the children’s favorite Leo. So many wishes come true on the same day – simply the ultimate birthday party for the future four-year-old!