• Running training for kids

    Join us for a fun run this spring!

    Spring is here, and that means more time and play outdoors. Whether you or your child are planning to participate in a running event, now is the perfect time to run and play outside. We have gathered our best tips on how running can become a fun family activity.

    Movement every day

    We know that children need to move to feel good. It’s important for both the body and the mind, and through movement, children can endure more. The recommendation is that children should be physically active for 60 minutes a day to promote health and lifestyle – both in the short and long term. By participating in play and sports, children develop motor skills, coordination, endurance, and strength – all while having fun. When physical activity is enjoyable, the likelihood of staying active in the long run also increases. It should be fun to move!

    Can children train endurance?

    Before puberty, there’s no reason to clock miles on the running track. That’s because children in preschool and school age cannot significantly develop their heart muscle or oxygen uptake. Therefore, they need to train comprehensively in terms of speed, coordination, and anaerobic endurance, meaning short and quick distances where the body doesn’t have time to oxygenate the muscles. All of this can be achieved through play – tag in the schoolyard, participating in sports, playing tag or games at the playground.

    Running exercises with children

    Running builds strong legs and creates lots of joy in movement! But everyone is different, and while some children love to run, others prefer to move in other ways. To ensure that children find it fun to move and want to do it often, it’s important that it happens on their terms. Do the children enjoy running? Go for it! However, if they don’t seem particularly interested in running, it might be better to cultivate a love for running through other games and activities.

    For children between the ages of 6-12 who love running, training in running techniques such as high knees and heel kicks, short intervals, relays, and games like various versions of tag are excellent. Younger children also enjoy running a lot and often, but it’s best when combined with play. It’s difficult to say how far children should run because there isn’t enough research. Running slightly longer distances is fine as long as the children themselves find it enjoyable.

    Sprint race for children

    Take your places, ready, set, go! Running should be fun, and fun it is indeed for many children participating in fun runs. These events are often bursting with energy, determination, and joy of movement! It’s crucial that it happens on the kids’ terms, without any pressure to perform. The main goal isn’t to compete, but to have a blast!

    Alongside the Stockholm Marathon, Sweden’s largest marathon event and a true celebration, even the tiniest tots can join their very first fun run. Leo’s Little Marathon is a real running party and experience for children aged 0-4 years. The track is approximately 250 meters long and winds its way around Östermalms IP. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to run alongside Mom, Dad, or an older sibling. Throughout the day, there are also plenty of lively activities and games on offer. Gather the family and experience genuine joy of movement!

    Run a race with the family

    Many fun runs for children are held in conjunction with major races such as the Stockholm Marathon, Göteborgsvarvet, Midnattsloppet, Luleå Stadsmara, and Blodomloppet. These events often feature races for runners of all ages. Are you, as a parent, planning to participate in a fun run this year too? By joining the same race as your children, it becomes a true family experience that creates loads of joy and cherished memories.

    Bike beside

    As a parent, you are obviously a huge source of inspiration for your child. Have you ever heard that kids mimic what you do? If you lace up your running shoes and head out, there’s a good chance the kids will follow suit. Whether you’re training for a race or just aiming to feel good and handle everyday life better, you can involve your child. A classic move is letting the kids bike alongside while you go for a run. It becomes a lively family activity, and for you as a runner, it can be a real challenge and an opportunity for some interval training.

    Playing is fun.

    We believe in discovering the joy of movement through play, making it extra fun! Moving doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’s often the spontaneous moments that are the most enjoyable. Game suggestions include Duck Duck Goose, Tag, Red Rover, Freeze Tag, Capture the Flag, Blob Tag, and Shadow Tag. Ask your child which of these games they’ve played. Which one is their favorite?

    Run and move at Leo's

    During a visit to Leo’s, the kids are constantly on the move. Across thousands of square meters of play area, they can roam freely, run, play, and explore, and we’ve seen that they take an average of 12,000 steps during a visit. The kids stay active while having fun, and that’s what matters most! We like to call it exercise without exercising.