• Power up with jungle energy at Leo's Bistro!

    Jungle Energy

    Do like Leo and power up with jungle energy to have enough with energy for running and exploring. Playing works up an appetite, and without food in your belly, it’s tough to climb volcanoes and swing on vines. In our bistro, there are many options to give you extra energy. Choose from delicious meals, snacks, and treats to keep your energy levels high throughout the day!

    Here’s how Leo gets his jungle energy:

    Breakfast: Without a tasty breakfast in the belly, it’s tough to swing on vines and climb vulcanos. Load up on bananas, smoothies, and a delicious sandwich to tackle the day’s adventures!

    Lunch: Fill up with jungle meals that give you the energy to play. Did you know you can customize the sides in our Bistro menus? Choose crisp sides like carrots or tomatoes.

    Snack: For those who play and move a lot, it’s especially important to have something tasty between meals. Enjoy fruit, smoothies, yogurt, or something else delicious to get the spring back in your step.

    And perhaps the best part? After you’ve filled up with food and snacks, you can treat yourself to something really delicious. Enjoy a refreshing slush or a cozy snack with your family.

    Remember! Leo loves fruits and vegetables! It’s not just colorful but tasty and super cool! A couple of fruits a day and some veggies on the plate are super yummy! What’s your favorite fruit?

    Dig into what you find tasty and get ready for jungle adventures!